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Wir sind alle auf unterschiedliche Art mit Yoga verbunden...

Andreas Vogel,

founder and owner of Yoga Props® started selling props when his wife Ulrike took over the yoga center of her brother Kalidas in Detmold Germany.

Andreas practices yoga every second year. His favorite pose is the head to cushion pose and his favorite Yoga prop is the big backbender.

Andreas Vogel

Our Mission

Our mission is to make yoga accessible to practitioners of all levels, regardless of style and allow them to practice where ever they are and which ever pose they may need or would like to achieve. The use of props is never an end in itself it is a ‘just’ mean to reach the fruit of the pose.

Our props are selected and crafted with the utmost precision, love and care for your physical needs and inspired by the work of Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar. You can recognize our props by the Yoga Props® logo. We keep on developing and creating new props. So if you have any suggestions or recommendations how we can improve our offer, feel free and mail us at mail@yoga-props.nl.

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