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Yoga PropsŪ aims to make Yoga accessible in the broadest sense of the word. By offering props for your practice and a teacher database to help you find a teacher within your region.

We are working on a database that helps everybody find his or her teacher. You will have to type in your postal code and we will show all teachers that have registered themselves on this website. When you are looking for a teacher and you are completely new to yoga please consider that yoga is a name for a wide variety of purely meditative and spiritual to very active (still spiritual) yoga forms.

Looking for the right teacher it is helpful to understand the differences between the various styles. Check our yoga styles directory to get an overview. Yoga is an experiential wisdom.

The knowing is in the doing, you will only find out whether a class is suitable for you if you jump on your bike, take your mat (after you have purchased one at our shop) and go there. In yoga they said that „Every teacher gets the students he deserves and every student gets the teacher he deserves.“

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