Guide to a Woman' s Yoga Practice

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Geeta's Guide is a spiral bound booklet with 850 photos on how to practice Iyengar Yoga with a focus on the menstrual cycle.

The contents are as follows:

-Chapter 1: normal menstrual sequence
-Chapter 2: sequences for problematic menses
-Chapter 3: a post-menstrual sequence
-Chapter 4: pre-menstrual sequences including suggestions for irregular cycles
-Chapter 5: a case study of a woman with complex problems involving her cycle with sequences to alleviate specific ailments

Geeta's Guide reveals some aspects of Iyengar Yoga methodology, including how to support poses for a specific purpose. The majority of the photos are shown with standard Iyengar Yoga props, making this a useful reference guide. Additionally, a few poses amongst the chapters of this volume show examples of how to use typical household furniture as props to achieve the desired shape and effect of an asana or for pranayama practice.

Autor : Lois Steinberg


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